Clinical OMICs Webinars

Clinical OMICs Webinars are critical resources for industry leaders to hear the latest developments on a specific topic directly from the experts in the field. All webinars meet our high standards of editorial quality, with the end-to-end design, development, and deployment managed in-house to ensure authority and credibility. Clinical OMICs Webinars offer the highest level of engagement available across our product portfolio, with participants committing to spend more than 60 minutes immersed in our content and, in turn, with your brand. Results include an unmatched concentration of engaged, qualified leads with demonstrated purchasing power.

Return on Your Investment

  • Develop a custom webinar on a topic of your choice
  • Real-time Q&A, polling, and survey options
  • Personalized editorial, design, and production consulting and management
  • Multichannel marketing executed by our team pre- and post-event
  • Video and audio formats
  • Archiving on the Clinical OMICs Website for 12 months
  • Direct link to final Webinar for unlimited use in your own marketing efforts
  • Performance reporting to effectively measure ROI
  • Opportunity to turn your webinar into a white paper for long-term impact

Highly Engaged Leads

Participants spend more than 60 minutes engaged with webinar content and your brand

Real-Time Feedback

Take advantage of real-time Q&A, polling, and survey options

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