High-Visibility Ad Exposure

Reach our engaged global audience of industry and academic researchers, clinicians, and diagnostic professionals focused on keeping up to date on the research, tools, regulations, and applications affecting molecular pathology and the delivery of precision medicine.

Powerful Ad Options

  • Leaderboard: Above the fold
  • Medium Rectangle: High-impact alongside valued content
  • New Product Ad: Ideal for product branding
  • Persistent Footer: Exclusive with no rotations puts your brand in front of buyers throughout their web experience
Clinical OMICs Website

Return on Your Investment

  • Strategic placement alongside exclusive news and information
  • Improved targeting capabilities based on visitor behavior
  • Optimize your campaign with A/B testing and multiple creatives
  • Performance reporting

Targeted Off-Site Display

Guaranteed impressions are served to only your target audience wherever they may be browsing on the web. More sophisticated and less intrusive than retargeting, Targeted Offsite Display Advertising reaches our engaged, registered audience and ensures your ad is displayed only to known Clinical OMICs readers with purchasing power.

Return on Your Investment

  • High frequency, generating multiple impressions per user per month
  • High click-through rates
  • Guaranteed impressions against your target audience
  • Industry standard brand safety protocols ensure your media runs only on appropriate sites
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