Unparalleled audience targeting capabilities

Clinical OMICs is the only media brand in the life sciences powered by Audience Intelligence (AI), our proprietary targeting system that combines state-of-the-art technology, data science, and the hands-on insight of our marketing team to achieve personalization at scale. By super-charging self-selected demographics with behavioral data, we create immersive marketing experiences that feel authentic and real, not robotic or algorithmic, and enable you to create powerful, connected journeys for your target audience.

Self-Identified Demographics

NAME: Jack Smith
COMPANY: Brigham and Women’s Hospital
JOB TITLE: Research Scientist
ORGANIZATION TYPE: Hospital/Medical Center

Engagement Characteristics

  • Direct request subscriber to Clinical OMICS Magazine
  • Subscribes to Clinical OMICS Daily Update and is opted in to receive information about eBooks and Webinars
  • Visits ClinicalOMICS.com regularly via desktop computer
  • Most active on email Monday through Thursday Noon EST
  • Shows interest in content on cancer, mass spectrometry, and proteomics